About Us


Seabrook has been in existence for over thirty-five years. The music performed by the band varies from Swamp Pop, Country, Cajun French, Fifties, Sixties, Classic Rock, Disco, Easy Listening, Mardi Gras, Novelty Songs and the music of today. With such a wide variety of music in its repertoire, Seabrook is the ideal choice for any occasion that will have a diverse audience. Seabrook has had experience with a mixture of music events such as weddings, festivals, balls, parties and conventions. In addition to their extended musical experience the members of Seabrook also have a variety of professional work-related experiences. When you acquire the band's services, you will be getting a talented and professional group that will perform well for any occasion. Thank you for your interest in the Seabrook Band. We look forward to performing for you!


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